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Welcome at Ma Vallée lake

The Lake Ma Vallée is one of the other places of rest and relaxation enjoyed by expatriates at Kinshasa. Somewhere a little "crazy" in this country.

It is the result of a dream of an expatriate, Lake Ma Vallée or My Valley Lake in English is an artificial lake on private property. A kind of mini amusement park in style of the 1950s in Europe, with  paddleboats, fishing rod rental, a beautiful walk around with rest, chairs and benches, and a famous restaurant.

Bild "lingála:MV37.jpg"Access is already quite a trip, because it takes the car actually climb a hill by a road cut into the rock and concrete in large part. Then plunges the other side in a valley that was used to create this artificial lake. A descent by a dirt track between gigantic trees, the bush in full.

My relaxation Valley is quiet, nothing to do with the capital that you left half an hour earlier. No wonder it is the My pictures Valley on Sunday.

The local staff is very friendly, smiling like the majority of Congolese, and always ready to help you.
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