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Ma Vallée - My relaxation Valley

Discover Ma Vallée (french for My Valley) by a a walk around the lake. The whole walk take a full hour's walk, the time that the chef needs to prepare yMa Vallée à manger at the public house at My Valley. You can do the full tour or just relax around the corner from the restaurant. A few blocks further away are very quiet and you remember the first appointment with your spouse... For your relaxation, you will find  benches and chairs along the well maintained trail and without tilt.

Bild "lingála:MV6.jpg"At Ma Vallée, relaxation is for sure, after coming from Kinshasa, this province inracontable hot shuffling, dirty and dusty. Nobody would believe us, but it is just the truth.

Rental of fishing rods has made ​​many followers, even if it is only long bamboo with a string and a hook, the fans get caught up in the game... and eventually grab the fish.

Or would you prefer to disembark to explore the rainforest as Stanley on the river?

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